Educational Visits and Visitors

Educational Visits and Visitors

We like to enrich and widen our curriculum through regular visits to places of interest and by welcoming visitors to our school.

We have an Educational Visits Co-ordinator - Liz Orland, Headteacher.  The EVC is supported by North Yorkshire Council's Educational Visits Advisor.  


All of our visits, whether they are a day visit or a residential,  are planned following our Educational Visits Policy and NYCC Guidance.  We follow appropriate procedures and undertake risk management accordingly.

Day Visits might include: local museums and art galleries e.g. Ryedale Folk Museum, locations in the National Park e.g. The Moors Centre,Danby or local places of interest e.g. Hartlepool Power Station.

Residential Visits take place at Peat Rigg Residential Centre.  Y3/4 stay for two nights and undertake a Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle Course.  Y5/6 stay for 4 nights and undertake an Outdoor and Adventurous Pursuits Course.  These trips take place every two years jointly.


All our visitors to school are invited with purpose. Before they attend our school we carry out a pre-meeting to assess content, key messages and the appropriate resources.  All reasonable checks are carried out on our visitors before attending school e.g. for links with extremism.

Visitors might include: local artists and writers e.g. Anthony Wootton, representatives from a faith group e.g. Muslim Diversity Centre Representatives or musicians and actors e.g. Apollo 5.

If you have a suggestion for a trip or think you would make an interesting visitor to our school then please do get in touch with the headteacher.




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